Day: October 17, 2020


Types of Products With Hemp SeedsTypes of Products With Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are very nutritious and healthy. They contain more protein and omega-3 fatty acids needed for a healthier body. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals. With such a remarkable nutritional component, hemp seed is undoubtedly a great source for many purposes, as mentioned by the article. The best things among many usages, hemp seeds are the most excellent food for those working on their vegan lifestyle, as they can drink plant milk instead of dairy in their diet. 

Ihemp seed plantn this case, it is not surprising that this seed is often recommended to accompany a diet plan program to burn fat. The hemp seeds are a very useful ingredient in many recipes, making it beneficial to enhance the flavor of the food you eat while helping to make your body healthier. Therefore, people usually like to sprinkle them on their cereals and fruit. They also work well with salads and yogurts. 

However, these hemp seeds are still controversial in some areas. The peeled seeds can be seen in regional supermarkets and some specialty stores. In those stores, they are sometimes more recognizable with hemp hearts. Please be careful when buying the hemp seed because some seeds contain significant amounts of a psychoactive chemical called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

If you want to be less worry about buying or using this nutritious seed in your diet plan, you can purchase some finished products with hemp seed. Such products consist of less THC, although you have to travel to find their availability in store. Some of the products, such as hemp seed butter and hemp seed milk, can also be made in the kitchen at your home. Read more to find out the types of products with hemp seed you can purchase in some stores below.

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If you want to buy hemp milk, you do not have to worry about the flavors. The milk has various tastes similar to the usual dairy milk with vitamin B12 added in them. The hemp plants do not have this vital nutrient, and it is unknown if vitamin B12 is beneficial to our body. The milk is mostly packaged in a carton of Tetra Pak, and you have to store it in a refrigerator when you have opened it.

Oil and Butter

Other types of products with hemp seed is oil and butter. Both of them are saved in opaque, dark, and tightly closed containers. They have to be stored in a refrigerator as oxygen, light, and heat can harm the oil. 

If you buy hemp butter and oil, it would be great to add to your diet plan. The butter has a great taste, so that it can enhance your morning bread as a spread. Meanwhile, you can use the oil for your salad dressings or even smoothies.

Flour and Protein Powder

If you wish to have a hemp protein powder for your smoothies, you can find them in a health food store. It is green in color. You can also access hemp flour there for your baked cookies. In terms of storage recommendation, you should consider the expiry date when purchasing these two products. It happens because hemp protein powder and flour are not necessarily obligatory to store them in a refrigerator. However, it is also fine if you want to do so because they can stay fresh longer when kept fresh.