Tips for Cleansing Acne-prone Skin

acne prone skin

Washing your face twice a day is essential regardless of whether you have skin related problems or not. It is because skin breakouts don’t only happen to teenagers but to anyone who does not take good care of the face and skin. One of the main skin-related conditions that occur due to lack of proper care of the skin is known acne. Acne occurs when the hair follicles in the skin clog with oil and dead cells of the skin.

Acne-Prone skin is whereby the skin easily clogs. It can be as a result of very oily skin or dry or one that breaks quickly. Typically, an acne-prone skin means skin that is likely to suffer from, usually suffers from or one with experience of acne. Fortunately, you can effectively treat it by first using the following tips for cleansing acne-prone skin.

Do not Over Wash

Keeping acne-prone skin clean by washing it is important. However, too much washing causes it to dry out leaving it feeling more uncomfortable than it was before. Therefore, the recommended number of times to wash your face is once or twice a day. By this, it would keep it cleansed and also maintain the moisture.

Use Cleansers that are Gentle to Your Skin

Cleansers are here to help people suffering from acne. However, there are several types of cleansers. Going for a harsh cleanser can seem a good idea as it would mean the acne will be quickly eliminated. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Harsh cleansers can strip off the protective barrier of the skin leaving it vulnerable to bacteria. Therefore, always consider a cleanser that has a low ph.

Avoid Exfoliation

Scrubbing is a standard recommendation given by skin therapist. However, for acne-prone skin, anything close to exfoliation is way too much. Your fingertips play a useful role when it comes to scrubbing; therefore use them to massage the skin gently. Also, avoid harsh ingredients such as beads.

Avoid Over-Drying the Skin

The products used to combat acne are super drying to the skin. This is not a good case because super drying the skin triggers production of extra oil in the skin, which we all know is bad news. To avoid this and still cleanse acne-prone skin, moisturize the skin immediately after washing it as it will still be damp to optimize absorption. Also, look for oil-free products that will help in hydrating the skin without filling up the pores. It is also essential for you to avoid alcohol-based astringents as they patch the skin instantly.

Make Salicylic Acid Your First Choice

Salicylic acid is a natural substance synthesized from plants such as the willow bark. It is an active anti-acne ingredient especially when it comes to cleansing acne-prone skin. It works by sloughing away the dead cells found in the skin that usually clog pores leading to breakouts. The advantage it has over other ingredients is that it does not suck all the moisture from the skin or cause the skin to peel or become red.

Keep Your Hands Off the Face

Our hands often carry dirt and oil. Therefore, constantly touching your face can contribute to the skin being clogged and in some cases, it may cause blemishes.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Facial Wash For Sensitive Skin


It is common nowadays to find people with sensitive skin. Those individuals who have this type of skin usually have frequent allergic reactions to a variety of products. Most of the common symptoms that signify sensitive skin include the development of rashes, redness, and development of skin irritation. Another common condition that is related to allergic skin reactions is Eczema. This type of skin has the habit of burning easily when one is exposed to the sun.

It is a common belief that sensitive skin is inherited and that there is no real way that it can be completely cured. The only thing that the affected individual can do is to reduce the irritation that is caused by irritants and unsafe products. It is common that when you have such a condition, your skin is very reactive when it comes in contact with ordinary products. One feels itchy or experiences some burning feeling when you apply them.

Therefore, when you have this particular type of skin, you should take good care of it. Also, put the following factors into consideration when purchasing a facial cleanser for your sensitive skin.

Buy hypoallergenic products

Since your skin reacts easily upon the use of ordinary products, you are advised to take a lot of precaution when choosing soaps and skin care products so that you can avoid unnecessary reactions. You should always purchase hypoallergenic products which are well known for not containing damaging chemical components. You should always use products that are fragrance-free, this is because such products are the most common irritants.


Buy products with natural ingredients

When doing your skin care product shopping, be sure to choose the cosmetics carefully. Most of this products have a very high percentage of chemical content. They also have fragrances and a range of colors that can cause serious irritation to the skin. The chemical they contain are used as preservatives, and they also aid in increasing their shelf life. You are encouraged to shop for cosmetics that are made of natural ingredients and skin makeup that is specifically made for your type of skin. One of the best product, in this case, is the mineral makeup. This is because it does not contain any chemicals which can cause any reaction.

Purchase cleanser with nourishing properties

hgdhd74Those cleansers that have multivitamins as ingredients contain a blend of vitamins that are very beneficial to the skin epidermis. The majority of these products contain vitamin B5 and E that are essential as they aid the skin in repairing itself. Another advantage of this cleanser is that it includes a variety of other products as well.

When you buy such a product, it will not only properly suit your reactive skin but will also improve your skin texture while keeping it hydrated and lead to a balanced oil production. In general, besides the multivitamin cleanser being suitable for sensitive skin, they are nourishing, help in increasing the skin elasticity and also hydrate the skin epidermis to help one achieve a smooth looking face.

You should also consider using moisturizers and sunscreen if you spend most of the time outside. In conclusion, if you have established what product has best worked for you, be consistent in using it.